Literally from the ground up, we ensure the success of all Rotana properties by complementing a powerful management mix with our design-planning and building management expertise.

From beginning to end, the Rotana team will oversee the opening of our upcoming properties.

Never forgetting a healthy dose of common sense, our approach to every new build or refurbishment is flexible and always recognises local cultures and sensitivities. The first stage in any project involving a new or existing Rotana property is a concept-planning exercise where the effective usage of the entire space is assessed equally from a health and safety, ease of enjoyment and revenue perspective.

Whilst this creates personalised, interactive spaces and facilities which are safe and pleasurable to use for both guests and members of the Rotana team, the ultimate result is a property which produces the highest possible revenue for its owner in the long term. Above all, our swift decision-making greatly assists with the completion of projects on time and within budget.

Rotana’s proprietary systems cover the full spectrum of property-planning and management including:

• Space requirements • Facilities for guests and the Rotana team • Food-and-beverage concepts and requirements • Protection measures for guests and the Rotana team • Operational standards • Sustainability measures • Fixtures and finishes • Guidelines for architects, interior designers and other consultants

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